Developing a sector
Moltolox Studios are looking out abroad and seeing a world of opportunities. By carefully analyzing the changes in the media landscape for years, we have developed a keen understanding of new media trends and changes in consumer behavior within the entertainment industry. At the same time we are settled in a region on the "outskirts of the world", far away from the big drivers in the digital industry. As such our studio - along with other partners and initiators - are doing steps to try to move the region forward. We want Agder to take part in the global cultural market and facilitate for more development in a sector branded as one sector being "the future of jobs". 
We do this by:
- Creating meeting spaces for the industry itself to develop and grow. 
- Setting up cross-sector meetings to allow potential clients and potential studios to find each other. 
- Educating institutions that work with more traditional media about the cross benefits and how to help move the sector forward. 
- Meeting educators and having an informed dialogue about the markets needs and expectations
- Doing public speaking about the new media landscape at regional clusters of development and innovation. 

Public speaking
Moltolox Studios have been invited to several public arenas to talk about the new media mega-trends, how digitization is affecting our society going forward, and how a change in cultural consumption gives us new opportunities (and challenged). Our creative director can attend your event and give a presentation about a topic that both have been well received, said to change how things are done, and informed the opinions of the audience. In 2019 we were invited to about 7 stages to give our presentation, and the talks have lead to concrete actual co-work between new parties in new ways. Yay!

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